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BullRun, a French heavy metal band. New EP: WILDERNESS available now!

Photo Gael

Gael Berton

Photo Remy

Remy Gohard
Vocalist - Bassist

Photo Mark

Mark Dezafit

BullRun is a French heavy metal band. The band was formed in 2011 in Paris by Remy Gohard, Gael Berton and Mark Dezafit and has been based in Orleans for most of its career. At the beginning, BullRun wanted to be a southen hard rock band because members were really influenced by this music.

The band's name came from the first battle of The American Civil War. Nevertheless, after one year of work, the band realized an heavy metal demo called BullRun, mostly influenced by band like Motörhead, Metallica, Iron Maiden and many others, where some licks, melodies, and tracks came from southen rock.

Dark Amber

In 2015, Bullrun is writting its second album Dark Amber. After few month of work, the band meets Symheris and Jelly Cardarelli (ex Adagio, present Disconnected) proposing a new partenership.
From this meeting a new way of recording will shows up.
Re-writting and recording brand new songs, the band finally find its own style and get more cohesion between songs. This collaboration starts the beginning of Bullrun as we know it today.

Dark Amber is a 6 songs EP. The band gathered its best titles introducing its world and definitive way to play and see Rock'n'Roll. This record was released in April 2017 and was well-received by critics (Grosse Radio, Hard Force, etc).

One day dedicated to its promotion is also organized by Roger Wessier (Replica, Hellfest press aera) at the Paris Hard Rock Cafe as well as an invitation to Hellfest in 2018 in a promotional purpose, and to play at Hell Session (Hellfest opener).

This CD is an opportunity for the band to introduce the public to their musical universe through 6 tracks. This was also an opportunity to share the stage with the American band called Wednesday 13 during its performance in Paris, at La Boule Noire.

In 2018 The band is taking part in a coaching program at l’Empreinte , in partership with "studio des varietés" (David Feron, Jean Paul Gonnod, etc).

Dark Amber

This same years BullRun obtains a few dates to occur notably at l’Empreinte and decide to start a new EP in 2019

The band then obtains a few dates to occur notably at l’Empreinte and decides in February 2019 to make a new EP.

The writing of this CD lasted approximately one year and is also recorded, mixed and mastered at the Creampie Studio with Symheris. The band also decides to call upon Julien Metternich from MILF Production (Mass Hysteria, Ultra Vomit, Trepalium, etc ) to carry out several teasers, videos and interviews to promote this new EP.

In May 2020 WILDERNESS was released.